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Wheel locking systems

Powerchock 3

POWERCHOCK™ 3 is a simple, manual wheel restraint system for securing vehicles at loading docks.

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Powerchock 5

POWERCHOCK™ 5 is a wheel restraint system for securing vehicles, equipped with an ergonomic arm to position the chock.

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Powerchock 7

POWERCHOCK™ 7 is a new generation wheel restraint system with an ergonomic arm and a locking mechanism for added protection.

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The 5 essential questions to consider for your loading docks

  • Does the system resist early departure?
  • Does a warranty cover damage in the event of an unexpected departure?
  • Is a system that has maintenance restrictions for warranty validity acceptable for you?
  • Does the system install in restricted spaces, on asphalt or pavement, without structural modification?
  • Is the system intuitive, durable and removable?


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The POWERCHOCKMC 9 is a solution for securing the loading and unloading operations of swap bodies at docks


The POWERCHOCKMC 11 is designed to secure loading / unloading operations from tanker trucks to filling stations

What Clients say?

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Sean Gaffaney  V.P. Operations

The POWERCHOCK™ equipment has been operating very consistently with virtually no issues since installation five years ago. We find the system to be very reliable as well as functional for our facility.

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Dominique LIEVRE  Director of Equipment and Infrastructures France

We have selected POWERCHOCK™ systems for partial national deployment in 2017. Two years later, no system was broken. We plan to continue our collaboration with GMR SAFETY.

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Christelle Caillat  National Purchaser

GMR has been able to meet our requirements thanks to its active listening to our various users. Thanks to an exhaustive analysis, they understood the general constraints of logistics but also the problems in the field, by being present on our sites. After analysing and understanding these different data, the sales team was proactive and their technical team was able to respond very quickly to our specifications and adapt their products.
We are sensitive to the interest that this dynamic team has in our business and in people.

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Eric Favron  Site maintenance manager

My main customer satisfaction is that after the installation, the truck drivers and the Cdiscount employees use this safety chock without problems and understood the safety benefits.
My other satisfaction is that the company GMR SAFETY has adapted the system to the Cdiscount constraints. The Trust between GMR safety and Cdiscount allowed to developed a showroom of the POWERCHOCK™ brand at the REAU warehouse.
Cdiscount has installed over more than a hundred system POWERCHOCK™ by GMR SAFETY during the last three years.

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Jean Pierre Brebis  Real estate management transport division

I confirm the interest of the product, its ingenuity and above all its effectiveness. When it comes to blocking, therefore safety for our employees, equipment and customers, this solution is perfectly in line with all these requirements. We will continue to develop this process.

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Eric Favron  Site maintenance manager

In my opinion, the chock is a simple product to install and to use for the truck drivers and for the Cdiscount employees. It’s a reliable SECURITY system.

My general experience is very favorable with this type of chock. After few accidents at the Cdiscount warehouses, truck drivers who don’t wait the end of the loading. The installation of this product has been a SECURITY evolution for the Cdiscount warehouses.


POWERCHOCK™ 9 is a solution for securing loading and unloading of docked swap-bodies

Need to avoid trailers' unintended departures ?
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Engineering and manufacturing according to the highest standarts in the industry
Installation in less than 30 seconds for an optimal protection
Exclusive 5-years guarantee including the chock and the ground-mounted plate against spontaneous departures

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