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Wheel locking systems

Powerchock 3

POWERCHOCK™ 3 is a simple, manual wheel restraint system for securing vehicles at loading docks.

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Powerchock 5

POWERCHOCK™ 5 is a wheel restraint system for securing vehicles, equipped with an ergonomic arm to position the chock.

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The 5 essential questions to consider for your loading docks

  • Does the system resist early departure?
  • Does a warranty cover damage in the event of an unexpected departure?
  • Is a system that has maintenance restrictions for warranty validity acceptable for you?
  • Does the system install in restricted spaces, on asphalt or pavement, without structural modification?
  • Is the system intuitive, durable and removable?


What Clients say?

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The POWERCHOCK™ equipment has been operating very consistently with virtually no issues since installation five years ago. We find the system to be very reliable as well as functional for our facility.
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Stephen Rose  Director of Operations | COORS DISTRIBUTING COMPANY

We’ve had the system for years. No issues and it allows for us to utilize the docks with our lift gate trailers.
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Walter Smith  Senior VP Distribution | ANDREWS DISTRIBUTING

Great relationship, great product, great fit that answers our need of securing all vehicle types, in a good way. We are very satisfied with PowerChock.
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David Power  Fleet & Facility Manager | Sysco Edmonton

We are very pleased with your product. It has been roughly 3 years now since we installed the POWERCHOCK™ and it has been a very useful tool in preventing drivers from pulling away the door without the ramp being lifted or even worse, the loader still inside the truck. The green/red light communication from the person inside to the driver outside works flawlessly. Drivers are notified sooner that the door is free and they can pull away safely.

From a maintenance perspective we have very little problems with the product that we couldn’t fix quickly and efficiently. Great product overall.
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Kevin Riley  VP Transportation & Distribution | MAPLE LEAF FOODS

Maple Leaf Foods have been using the GMR Safety Power Chock solutions for approximately 15 years with great success. The product has proven to be very safe and reliable even in the harsh winter conditions we operate in. After many years maintenance is still minimal on the product
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Daniel Richard  Distribution Director | MOLSON COORS BREWING

The POWERCHOCK system has proven to be indispensable in our working environment. Our drivers love it because it’s easy to use. It provides the level of safety that we needed at Molson Coors and we are extremely satisfied after having tried several different technologies.
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Larry Lowe  Director of Facilities | SYSCO LONG ISLAND

With the POWERCHOCK system, we purchased value. From a maintenance standpoint, there is virtually nothing that can go wrong with these units and they provide the safety we are looking for. The average cost for replacement parts has been less than $10 a year per unit.
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Jean Pierre Brebis  Real estate management transport division

I confirm the interest of the product, its ingenuity and above all its effectiveness. When it comes to blocking, therefore safety for our employees, equipment and customers, this solution is perfectly in line with all these requirements. We will continue to develop this process.


POWERCHOCK™ 9 is a solution for securing loading and unloading of docked swap-bodies

Need to avoid trailers' unintended departures ?
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Engineering and manufacturing according to the highest standarts in the industry
Installation in less than 30 seconds for an optimal protection
Exclusive 5-years guarantee including the chock and the ground-mounted plate against spontaneous departures

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